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Solutions, puzzle resolutions and rules for our wooden games and puzzles

Instructions for our wooden games and solutions for puzzle games as well as assistance in solving our wooden puzzles.

Follow the categories here or enter the article number in the search bar to find your puzzle, for which you are looking for instructions to be able to solve it. All the rules for the wooden game that you want to play with friends or family can also be found here in the categories of solutions and instructions with the item number.

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Ting Tong wooden games, puzzle games and wooden puzzles are great challenges for all ages. We know that it is not always possible to find the solution yourself in order to solve the wooden puzzle, puzzle game or the IQ test alone. Here we offer help with our game instructions, resolutions and puzzle instructions to solve the puzzles. In the category solutions and rules of the game, for all our manufactured puzzles and games, you will find the solution for your wooden puzzle that you could not solve. Also a lost set of instructions or rules that you are currently missing to be able to play your dice game or strategy game. Whenever you think you have now found the right way to the solution, it still happens that the last part or the last 2 pieces do not want to fit into the wooden puzzle and so there is nothing with the solution of the puzzle or the game. That drives some people crazy and that's why we have the solutions to our wooden puzzles made of Monkey Pod wood and rules for all the games that we have found in the world. We hope that you will have fun trying to solve a puzzle yourself. Should you not be able to solve it yourself, here is now finally to find the right way, our resolutions, assuming that you will try to be creative again on your own. As an example some instructions for printing or downloading. You can find the rest in the categories.

Game instructions Tock Tock Dog for 6 players Game rules Game explanationsSolution for the Khun Pan, Escape sliding game with new starting variants, puzzle instructionsSolution string puzzle Square String, Trap the Mouse solution, puzzle instructions

All of our wooden puzzles and games are environmentally friendly, made without any chemicals and are nice to the touch. All products from our production are made of pure wood and are processed in their natural state and rubbed with cooking oil and polished to the maximum. So, even if you couldn't solve a puzzle yourself, you spent a good time with natural products made of wood, which sometimes cause headaches. All the solutions that you get with each puzzle, with the respective puzzle resolutions, can be found here as a download or you can also print out the puzzle instructions. Here are a few examples.

Solution for the Soma Cube with 7 pieces made of wood, the 3D Tangram puzzle resolution Solution, instructions for the wooden puzzle Color Match Revolve Puzzle Resolution

In order to find the exact instructions for the game that you want to play, or to find the solution to your puzzle, just follow the category or search for the article number for the correct game rules or puzzle instructions. Have fun and we hope that our rules of the game and the solutions are useful for all of our wooden puzzles and that you will find the solution that you couldn't think of yourself. We spend a lot of time making everything clear so that you can understand how the puzzle works. In new instructions, photos, videos and graphics, we show even better and more precisely how to solve the puzzle. Should something still not be understood correctly, please use the Ting Tong Community and ask for help or contact us with an email. Thank you for spreading the word and sharing our information, products and resolutions from our website .